Friday, July 22, 2011

{convicted, yes}

Whatever word you want to use....burdened, guilty {although I know that
is not the same thing as convicted}, concerned.....or, a mixture of all of the above.

There you have it. 

Basically because of my nutty schedule that I have, my family
is putting junk into their mouths.  Literally. 

So, I spent HOURS in the grocery store this week reading and 
reading label after label.  I toted bags of groceries home with a feeling
of uneasiness as much of these items the boys have never tasted. 

Our pantry and refrigerator has been filled with processed, nutritionless junk.
I had a "family meeting" last week and told all of them that we would
be transitioning to some big changes.   I explained my reasoning and 
that as the mom of the house I felt a huge responsibility and knew I had totally
made a gradual slip into a territory I didn't want any of us to stay in. 
Surprisingly, they accepted the challenge with smiles.   Then, it began.

And, I have slowly implemented more things in.  I have completed
some major tossing out of the cabinets.   And, I have a progress report to
announce!  It is going SOOOOOOOOO much better than I could have
ever anticipated.   Basically, we are going down the path of
things being "God made" and steering away from things that do
not fall into this category the majority of the time.  Will we still have
treats?  Absolutely!  But, they will be "treats",  not staples in our diet. 

Here are a few things the boys {all three} have tried and LOVED. 
Morning Star veggie corndogs,  almond milk {huge success},
no more processed cereals....Kashi's, tons of fresh fruits, 100%
whole wheat rounds, natural peanut butter, pure fruit spreads instead of jelly,
whole wheat spaghetti, eggs, organic and greek yogurt {jury is still
out on the greek for the boys}, rice chips, whole wheat pita chips just to name
a few, bottled water instead of juice, milk or SODA. 
 And, I have so many things to try and that is the part they
are enjoying the most.   They are actually meal planning which is funny!

But, things to try are......Morning Star chicken strips,  hummus {we will see!},
natural almonds,   air-popped pop corn {have done this in the past, just
not in a while}, homemade french fries and chicken strips,  homemade
salsa {they have never wanted to eat salsa before},  turkey sausage 
roll ups on wheat tortillas, etc, etc, etc.    

I just want to be a good steward with their health and mine of course!
Will keep you posted!!!  So far, so much better than I thought it would be!

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