Sunday, July 24, 2011

{i needed this laugh}

I've had several long days of pretty intense work.
Another one today.

And, even though last night was technically "work" it was
also a joy to be around such wonderful families and an
awesome group of young people {aka the bridal party}.

I was completely taken with this group of kids.  They oozed
Christ.  In all of the speeches, their faith and immense friendships
were very evident.  And, the personalities were very rich and fun. 

We cornered a mom and asked her the secret to raising
such a wonderful group of kids.  I'm not sure if I can explain it......
but, I wondered how such a great group of kids.....who had
been the best of friends for years and years.....were
making such an impact with their young lives.  It
was amazing what they all did.  And, for last night,
they were out on the dance floor having the time
of their lives.   {yes, they were Baptists ;)
and they did dance with no alcohol, but the 
amazing thing with that was......typically you don't see so 
much dancing and fun without alcohol at most of these functions. 
Just a simple fact.

  She told us of their faith and how
priceless these longstanding friendships were to them.  It
was obvious.  And, we would sit there and somewhat see
young versions of our own kids friends out there on the dance
floor.   BC was easy to spot - the  life of the party.
NW was there, loved to dance, but sometimes painful to watch. ;)
I say that with complete mother's love!!! 
CH and TG were there, having fun,  but not drawing a huge amount of attention
to themselves. EW - actually, with him, there was a cute little look-alike. 
 It was fun to observe, but, ultimately, I know that our group of boys
will be "out there" before we know it.   And, it was fun to
see how much their friendships that started very early in life -
often in a Kindergarten class - were treasures to them today. 
I guess I am used to seeing that with girls.......but, it was
refreshing to see it in this group. 

And, on a total aside..........

this mom also  told us of a little video some of these guys made
during the winter to a Katy Perry song.  It went viral.  Katy even
watched it.  It made nationwide news in several venues.  Entertainment
shows.  Huge for a group of boys from Van Buren, Arkansas.

I watched it this morning with Scott and we laughed our heads off.
I needed that laugh because I have a very hard, long day ahead of me
with a massive deadline.  So, maybe you will need a laugh today too.....

I'll link it, then have to get back to typing. :)

Be prepared to laugh!  A lot!

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