Saturday, July 2, 2011

{quiet day on the homefront}

I got a late reschedule on Thursday for Friday evening.

And, what does this crazy mama do?

Stay up all night working, get up at the crack of dawn and
work some more, and, then, load two sleepy-headed
boys in the car, run errands and surprise them with a 
trip to Magic Springs.  On my own. 

Maybe not the brightest idea in the world. 
And, honestly, it went pretty seamless.  The point
in which I had trouble was that Evan is still too small for
so many of the rides and of course being the younger
brother who thinks there should be no difference in
he and big brother despite the age discrepancy along
with waiting on big brother on those rides....made for
a pretty sulky day at times.   He asked me if he
ate alot of protein over the weekend, could we go back
next week because he would be tall enough! 

I do love his determination. ;)

But, with that exception our day was really good.
The park was not crowded in the least, so we may have
had to wait 2 turns at the most to ride whatever we wanted. 

BUT,  I almost turned the car around in Waldron because
it was then I began getting concerned that something
was going on with Noah other than just being tired from me
waking them up.  Our summer sleeping routine is totally
wrecked right now.  He convinced me he was fine, but, 
he dragged all day.  I just made sure they had PLENTY
of water in the 200+ temperatures and lots of breaks.  They
both slept on the way home and Evan rebounded this morning,
but, Noah didn't.  So.....with a super early bedtime and no 
outside play today, I'm hoping he wakes up feeling better
tomorrow.   Besides a few errands I had to run today, we have
been camped out watching movies and reading today.  

And, that part has been nice.  Although, some plans I had
for tonight had to be scratched. :(  Hopefully tomorrow will 
be a better day because Monday will be a nonstop day for us.

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