Sunday, July 31, 2011

{going green}

Of course, going green definitely has its merits, but,
going green by way of other pastures spells out definite disaster.

Today in church I sat between two broken hearts. 
And, in turn, my heart was broken.   I just
sat and prayed for both.  One is further along in his
path on this journey he didn't ask to go on; the other is just
beginning.  The sermon, the music, the prayers were perfect. 
But, there were lots of tears.

The thing seems like none of us are immune to being "in want". 
We definitely have different topics of want, but, we all struggle with
wanting something better....or to be "better", nicer, more important,
thinner, more together, etc. 

I read something recently and if I can remember where and from
what, I will  post the source, but it was along these lines.
It was basically discussing the prison of want.   We
never want "much",  just "one thing".  {or in other words, one more
thing}.  If we get that one thing, we will finally be happy. 


A lie straight from Satan himself.  We get the new house, then
our friend moves to a bigger and better neighborhood.  We get the
new car, then our child vomits in it and that new smell is vacuumed out 
as well.   And, in the case of today.....a new companion/spouse is 
found.....your "true" soul mate but very soon, that "sizzle will fizzle".  

Then what?  

In the midst of sitting between two broken hearts today,  the spouses
that are in "greener pastures" for today,  have shattered 3 families+.   

The things we are constantly in search of....the house, the vehicle, the
size we wore in high school before the babies.....we really need a 
startling reminder....none of it was ever or will ever be ours. 

None of us will leave this earth with any of it....not even the dust from it.

But, there is definite hope.  There are so many things that if we
lost every worldly possession would still me the most important things
we could ever have in this lifetime.  

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

Now that I've typed this, I really want to pull some of the details
I read that day.  If I can locate where in the world it is...I will post
the many scriptures given for breaking out of this prison.   Some of them
are known to all of us...."I know how to live when I am poor, and I know
how to live when I have plenty"....."Life is not defined by what you have...."

Those scriptures may just be the key to that lock.

Praying for broken hearts today!

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