Sunday, July 31, 2011

{epic fail}

If you know me, you know that I've had quite the few tooth fairy mishaps. 
I won't go into details over those in the past; been there, done that. 

Over the past week, Noah lost two molars. 
The first one was picked up a night late because, well, he didn't
go to bed at bedtime.  You know, the Tooth Fairy is strict like that.
Just ask Dr. Aunt Angie.  We have lots of inside information.

Well, on tooth #2, the unthinkable happened.
My mom came over.  And, because the tooth was still under
his pillow IN A SOCK because, once again he has missed
bedtime the night before. {obviously, she does not give any
mercy for a summer schedule}.  Well, my mom did some laundry
for me.  The tooth was never to be found. 

So, being the sad mom that I was, I wrote a letter.

Dear Sweet Tooth Fairy:

{No pun intended, really}.  As the proud mom of a super
little guy, I have a heartfelt request.

Last night Noah pulled a tooth.  As you know, he pulled a left
molar a week ago.  This one is the matching molar on the right. 
He placed it in a sock under his pillow last night.  As you are well
aware, he went to bed past his bedtime and broke the Tooth Fairy
Constitution.  So, you did not come.  Well, today, Grandma Pat came. 
 And, unknown to her was the treasure in his sock that she found in his bed
as she made it. 

We think she laundered it. :( 

I know you are a very considerate little lady.  Please make a special
exception and make a visit tonight.  If we ever find it, we will notify Aunt
Angie  {aka Dr. Wiggins} as we know that the two of you are great friends.
She can either forward it to you by her courier or give us permission to place
it under his pillow  again.  I will make certain he gets to bed on time.

With Best Regards,
Shannon  Walker
{happy to also be known as Noah's mom}

ps, we know you very likely have a busy night.

Please fly safely.

ch-ching!  she came and left $5! :)

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SheWolf said...

Girl, our tooth fairy has been at least a week late at times to our house...I told the kids, there must be lots of teeth being lost because she's been super busy! ;)
Glad to know that your tooth fairy has mishaps too!