Wednesday, July 27, 2011


*we are getting a kitten.  a very cute kitten.  e's dream is coming true.
*jury is still out on the puppy - long story, but it looks like we'll be getting one.
just not certain which one.  craziest thing ever. and, looks like we
will be personally having ONE litter.  another long story.
*i'm closing up shop.  for real this time.  no worries to family/friends as
the only way to make it work is to get my "fix." so, you and your kiddos
will be my "subject" matter.  sooooooo excited!
*summer is almost over.  it is no longer sniff, sniff but rather sob, sob. 
*i'm still going nearly 24/7.
*i may not make it til my birthday.   
*we only have 7 MD/dental appts this week. that little aspect is
just helping so much.  total sarcasm.
*no vacation for us this summer because i am residing here, at
the desk.  ummm....that's some bitterness spewing.
*i want to inhale the boys.  literally.
*hmmm....dreading school shopping a bit.
*looking forward to some time friday with my girls.  it is so needed.
i'm thinking it is really not a play date for the kids, but for the moms. 
hate that we'll be missing one.  

but, as negative as the above all sounds.
i think that maybe all of the chaos that has been swirling
overtime around me has forced me to make some
challenging decisions and put things in proper perspective.
so, for that, i am definitely thankful.
and, excited.
did i tell you that???? :) 

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