Friday, July 22, 2011

{to: me, from: me}

I am really not wanting to bore the crowd.
{the entire three-reader audience I have}

But, because I am putting so much time into it
and it is going amazingly well, I really want
to journal at least the beginning of this trek.

Snacks were a success today.  They ranged from
apple straws,  organic yogurt, and fruit.  Tonight
I had to make a few tweaks.  It was the most difficult
meal for the boys and they did eat something different.

But, Scott and I had homemade bean and low fat
cheese burritos on whole wheat tortillas with homemade
salsa.  Noah did try, but he couldn't even get it down.
Evan, the one that will pretty much try anything, passed. 
After Noah's incident, I definitely did not push it. 

So, Noah had low sugar oatmeal {not steel cut, but I 
was short on time at that point with organic, natural, 
unsweetened applesauce and a bottle of water.  Evan
had turkey pepperoni with applesauce and a 100%
juice Caprisun.  We are far from being "there".....
whatever there may be.  But, the last several days 
have definitely been an improvement for all of us.

And, I haven't weighed yet, but will tomorrow.
But, very happy to report the jeans are definitely
fitting better.  The jeans I had not worn all summer.
And, not because of this insane heat, but because
I couldn't breathe due to constriction!  

and, for the no way is this a weight loss
attempt for the boys.  at all.  purely striving for better
nutrition.  in my regard...i've been attempting to lose
weight since may and it is coming off at a snail's pace.
so, i am hoping this helps speed that process up.

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Maybe we both got our cans full! I drug myself to the gym today! The gym crowd gave me the long heeeeyyyy how's it going good to see ya!!! Very funny!!!