Sunday, July 31, 2011

{christmas in july}

Well, since Hobby Lobby is doing it, maybe I should too.

But, I think I need to skip right past that to New Years.
As in resolutions. 

I'm not the resolution-making type, but I am in the midst
of some major reorganization.  VERY  likely due to the
upcoming start of school.  If I can start off on a good foot,
hopefully their trek will be easier as well.

I've been editing like a mad woman, still determined to take
some time off before the start of school.  And, my window is closing
rapidly.  While pictures load and resize, I am diving into drawers
and cabinets.  Countless trash bags are in the garage.

So, although I may not have a Christmas tree up.
I am definitely  having a manic purge fest.

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