Saturday, December 4, 2010


*heading to a wedding today....still packing up my stuff {which takes FOREVER} and getting dressed in something other than my pj's would be a really good thing! out of flash batteries, detour to sam's. i hate doing ANYTHING before a wedding.

*new lense arrived. it is WONDERFUL. {but, it should be! gasp!} it came in right after my rental lense arrived. lovely.

*arrived at a birthday party yesterday a week early. i have totally lost it. gone. bye-bye! just so glad the police weren't called as i kept looking through the windows trying to figure out where everyone was. THE MOMENT it dawned on me, I bolted down those stairs like a rocket. AND, i didn't fall.

*my computer CRASHED. In.a.major.way. It about pushed me over the edge. That is a bad thing anytime. But, seriously? In the MIDDLE of catching up and getting all of my photography edits/orders finished. I was in tears. Literally. BUT, got to pick it up last night and it is working like a new one. Why didn't I take the time to take it in before it died, when it was just hobbling along?

*totally stopped by unannounced so scott could see mr. brad last night. they've both gone through a lot lately and i think just wanted to make sure the other was okay. ha!

*scott's having a lot of pain again, but per MD totally to be expected. stent comes out monday.

*okay, i have GOT TO run!

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