Monday, December 20, 2010

{monday, monday!!}

*I survived "the 24-hour" marathon. It's somewhat of a blur, but it ended very well! {thanks girls} I will be stealing pictures.

*Of course, although I had 7 functions to attend, there was no way I could make all of them. My website was repaired at some point Friday when I was gone, so I worked on getting that all lined out in spurts Saturday and Sunday.

*Hours away from finishing the work-project. Cannot wait to see my living room floor again.

*Uncle James came down today to play with the boys and they are on their 2nd round of arrow head hunting. They found two this morning so Evan is flying high. More on that later. {wink}

*I've about got my house decorated. Yep, 4 days before Christmas. I just kept adding little things. It looks like a whimsical explosion in here. I'll try to take pics!

*Today is my curve day. If I get everything I need to checked off, things will be much easier for the rest of the week. I have to wrap up this file and drop it off at the firm. I think I may decorate it with a HUGE red bow. I may have a big spill-over in general into tomorrow, but I can live with that. I am so ready for a slow-down!

*Everyone is well, although E woke up with a cough yesterday. No fever. No other complaints, so I am hoping it stays that way. PLEASE!

*My mom came over Saturday and helped me get things lined out with the house/laundry. Thanks SO much! We have clean socks! Being chained to this desk versus not being on the premises for days makes it a tad hard to keep up. She is back today "playing" with the boys although I just found a list she is making for me in the kitchen "milk, bread, eggs and paper towels." Yep, it's been bare-boned around here of late! Poor boys!

*BUT, tomorrow will be a holly-jolly day. I'm just sure of it!

*Oh, yeah........snowman! {wink}

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