Thursday, December 23, 2010

{dear santa}

Totally hilarious! I ordered these super-cute letters from Etsy. It was quite funny to see the differences in their personalities as they wrote these.

Both were very intent.

One, maybe a little more than the other. See below. ;)

Is he cheating? On a letter to Santa?

Evan got concerned as Elmer the Elf was sitting on the shelf behind them. Evan asked him some question at this point. He talks to Elmer constantly. In fact, a few days ago he wrote him questions hoping for a response of some sort.

Evan's penmenship needs a little work. It says: Indiana Jones Wii game, art, clay. The end.

Poor guy!
Such pressure??
He even initialed the line he scratched out??

We shall see. I think I may have sent a letter to intercept....they will be grateful for it come Christmas morning.

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