Thursday, December 9, 2010

{it's her fault}

That would be my mom. And, not because she didn't name me Grace.

But, she didn't put me in ballet during my toddling years.

I am convinced it would have made quite the difference.

And, because she failed to do that, I have had a series of events that have not actually been by no fault of my own.

Sounds good anyway?

Just to name a few...

*the situation with the gym mat in which I firmly planted my face. In front of everyone. That is enough to cause a 9th grader to literally quit school.
*penny-loafers under the school bus fiasco.
*tumble down the hill saving that firefighters life....ER visit.
*fall down my grandfather's stairs at 7.5 months gestation. Overnight hospital stay.
*slip in my MIL's kitchen in which the hot rollers took be down via way of gravity.
*well, and tangle with the gate/fence that didn't end well for me yesterday afternoon.

I could have gone on.

Trust me.

Enroll your girls (or guys in our E's case as it is quite clear he has those genes) in ballet TODAY. Do not wait!

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