Thursday, December 23, 2010

{my little indian}

At this point in his life he is obsessed with collectibles, primarily rocks and arrowheads. Several rocks he has collected become arrowheads if they even remotely house the appearance of an arrowhead in any form or fashion. I wash rocks. I dry rocks. I find them in my car. I stump my toes on the box that holds them but only partially fits under his bed. Yep, he's in love.
So, when he found out that Uncle James was coming down this week to spend the day with them, he was ecstatic and called him out on a promise of future arrowhead hunting. The future had arrived. Uncle James brought war paint to get into the game.
They constructed an arrow.

Mean Indian face.

They found one {let's say Uncle James made a drop prior to coming to the house} and we think Evan actually found one? That is all he wants to do now. That, and for pan gold in California. Oh, and diamond hunt in where ever that place is in Arkansas.

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