Thursday, December 23, 2010

{simple day}

As you can tell, I've been on a roll here! Trying to play catch-up in a major way, lest I forget.

I sooooooo needed today. I am still in my pj's which really says it all. Evan is sick, thus my plans were totally scrapped for the day; a blessing in disguise.

*I snuggled.
*I cleaned and did laundry.
*I wrapped.
*I blogged {as if you didn't notice}
*I pondered.
*I cooked actual meals.
*I did spurts of nothing.
*I read. {Louder than Words by Andy Stanley; I highly recommend}
*I made paper airplanes.
*I loved on a loving dog.
*I savored my decorations knowing their time is very limited. {sigh}
*I drank bunches of coffee.
*I watched Christmas movies with the boys.

No crowds. No edits {although I have some still waiting}. No ordering {with the exception of my own, finally}. No deliveries. No crisis. No fires to put out. No reviews.

Blissful day. I will return to reality come Monday.

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