Thursday, December 23, 2010

{bits and pieces}

*I have a little guy sick. :( Yucky, yucky cough. Fingers are crossed that it doesn't progress and dampen the upcoming Christmas plans.
*But, I'm thinking that the above will MAKE me slow down a bit today. It is so needed!
*I am planning on starting the wrapping today. Gasp! I know!
*I am the culprit who got the last Starbucks cup. I confess. It is crazy-funny though that it even happened the way it did. I had been searching, had even gone online and low and behold there was one left in the FS store. So stinkin' cute. I had no idea TH was on the hunt as well. Funny!
**Scott's very best friend {in guy terms, which is another topic for another day} is burying his mother today. So sad. And, because of E, I can't go. I feel terrible about that. Praying hard for them today. He lost his daddy when we were in high school. My heart just hurts for him....

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