Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Dear God}

And, I mean that literally. PLEASE help me get through this next 24 hours.

I just walked through my door {I had been gone since 9:30 for Scott's MD appt and my HAVE-TO errands for the boys classroom parties tomorrow...and had messages everywhere.....home phone, 2 email accounts, cell phone...EMERGENCY at the office. So, once I spoke with those I needed to speak with I dove into about 3000 unbinded medical records searching for answers that the powers that be were in dire need of.

I have more portraits to unpack and then 'pack' and hopefully add those to the ones already in my sleigh for deliver tonight.

Oops! I've done it again. I have exploded my computer. Well, not my computer {that was 2 weeks ago} but my website. I lost hours last night trying to get a gallery up. Same the night before. The answer to my ticket started out from the server tech people....."you have totally maxed out your disc space!!!" or, something to that effect. So, now that I am just now getting it, I have sent them my request to purchase additional.....and am praying they are west coast and not east. I have people waiting! {that have already waited and waited!}

My house. My house has completely imploded.

My foot is KILLING me.

FOUR parties tomorrow. Both boys {of course}, office party {stressful!!} and the girl party. At this point I will likely show up to Heather's house with 3 doz scrambled eggs and shredded cheese at Hardscrabble tomorrow. So, tonight, not only to I have to finish those records I've mentioned, but I have teacher gifts to wrap and food to ready.

A poor dog that is crying because she has been alone all day and I have 3000+ pieces of paper in my living room floor. {I'm really not kidding about that!}

A car to unload from power-shopping today.



I realllllllly need to reevaluate the peace in Christmas. I'm definitely not doing something right.


Carolynn said...

My head hurts just reading your to-do list! I sure wish I lived closer and could help you out with things:-) I will pray that everything calms down and you are able to focus with a clear mind on each task you need to accomplish. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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