Saturday, July 14, 2012

{the very welcomed unexpected}

Of course, a slight change of plans. 

We didn't get to leave today, but hopefully we will get to get out and about
 for a bit of summer fun after church tomorrow.   And, we'll likely be visiting
our old church as I think a certain special someone will be the guest
 preacher there tomorrow. :)

So, today has turned out to be somewhat of a lazy Saturday.
Not truly lazy as I've been working from the moment I got up,
but, catching up on domestic things instead of being in my
desk chair for hours already.  That will come later this evening. 

But, I've had to take care of many much neglected things like
cleaning out the refrigerator {scary!}, killing weeds, washing
eggs, picking up the major disaster of the backyard.

And, all of that got me to thinking and dreaming. Not
to rush summer away or anything as I want to cling to
every single moment it has to offer.  But, because I have
to wait for fall to complete my list - I am googling and
planning and plotting. 

I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted a rose garden.
But, they are a lot of work and I would get totally overwhelmed 
each time I really thought about it.  Growing up, one of my best
friend's mother had an absolute lovely one.  I loved it even as a girl.
I remember her teachers always having beautiful roses brought in by her. 
I loved going to their home and property.  They had put so much work  into it
and it was so breathtaking to me.  I admitted to her a little while ago that
I still take that out of the way road when I'm in the area just to see
how gorgeous it all is.  For whatever reason, that setting made a huge
impression on me and it is one of my fondest memories. I loved being
in that rose garden in the mornings and I loved enjoying the beautiful
fruits of her labor that always sat in the kitchen. 

Well, I've decided I'm going to do get mine started once and for all.
But, I would be stupid to start it now since we are in a huge drought and
the temperatures are crazy, record-breaking ones.  So, I will wait.

I'm going to start out small and work my way into it.  I typically
plunge head first into whatever I have on my brain, and it doesn't
always work out so good.   I'm learning in my advancing age. 

I can already tell that this rose garden adventure will be leading to
more.  I am also going to plant a huge row of lilacs leading out
to the chicken coop.  My sweet, sweet neighbor growing up had the
absolute prettiest ones. Another great memory of childhood.  My brother
and I would hike up to his farm and come back with armfuls of those flowers. 
I've attempted to grow a few, even receiving some as gifts from
family members as they knew how I loved them.  But,  growing them was not
successful.   I'm going to take care of that as well along with planting several
of my very favorite flower of all...peonies.  And, finally, although
this got scrapped in the spring because I was too busy to
go purchase them, I am planting my own "canopy" of trees here
near the house.  I can then scrap all of the drives to a canopy
in FS for pictures.   So, alot of work to do, but I'm looking
forward to it.  And, it won't be too overwhelming because
what I have planned for fall actually won't be too much.

The above rose is what I'm planting next to the coop.

And, on an aside, we have been working on fence, fence, and
more fence lately as we had calves getting into fields they shouldn't have. 
Surprisingly, due to literally clearing land to get to some of the
locations a new spring and brook were found.  The boys
& I will get to see it tonight.    Yippee!!

and, p.s., thank you God for this amazing rain.
Our fields and cows thank you too!

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Peonies are my most favorite too. My grandma used to bring them to me. . . I sure miss her.