Thursday, July 26, 2012

{a snail's pace}

is the rate at which summer should creep.

But, no, it speeds along at the pace of a
Bugatti Veyron.

{that is according to Noah}

{a Bugatti Veyron is a vehicle for those of us who didn't know.
The BV Super Sport is apparently the fastest car in the world}

Obviously, I have ignored all feelings of obligation to blog this summer.
And, as much as I've tried to "be" in the moment, I do want to remember.

So, I thought I would throw together a totally random, quick post.
Sort-of along the lines of speed as described above.  Fast.

Here is what they do every morning.  Look at Lego's
for E's upcoming birthday.   His choice changes every
day as well.  But, they still look, converse, plan and then
do it all over again.  Every day.

Oh, look at those two girls in the background.  They
stopped in the midst of their morning wrestling match to
pose.  They are my dogs. 

And, that my friends is a mountain of clean laundry.
All I can say is at least it is not dirty.  The end.

Our summer bucket list that hangs in the reading room
{formerly known as the train room}. Truly, it will
always be known as the train room. {sigh}. 

We've done alot, but still so much to do and we are running
out of time fast!  Over the next week we are planning a
trip to a natural spring lake {cold water, brrrrr}, a Sunday drive,
fishing, the Sugar Shack, some more ice cream, Magic Springs....
who knows what else our week will hold.  That's the fun part.   But,
I'm trying not to even think much about the August 20th date
looming, but instead to embrace these moments and the fact
I officially have somewhat of a lighter schedule to enjoy
the last bits of summer.  Something I am very thankful for.

Our last verse.  I'm loving this! 

I have a precious cousin in Afghanistan.  Breaks my heart really.
But, this is what he brought me from his last deployment there. It
is one of the flags flown in one of our beloved 188th fighter jets
over the country.  One of my most cherished possessions! 
Praying they all get back safe and sound.

And, for another one of my summer finds....I am LOVING this!
I have pretty much been using it as a conditioner and it makes my
hair really sleek and keeps this lovely Arkansas humidity from
having a total hay day with my hair.   Just another share.  

I'll get off of here for now....I have a wee bit of laundry to do!
I know you are jealous. :)


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