Thursday, July 26, 2012

{d day: september 1st}

I was on a really good roll.

Then, splat!  Into into a brick wall called legal work.

I have downtime between now and September 1st scheduled in.
Naturally, most of that time before school starts I will be completely
wrapping up my photography to-do's from summer and spending
every ounce of time I can with the boys. But, come August 20th
at approximately 9 am,  things are going to get a tad busy around here. 

Project: Organization.

I am working on a to-do list {of course} that includes
painting, wall touch ups, framing, handing new portraits,
the GARAGE {that's scary!}, every nook and cranny. 
I'll save the attic for cooler days. 

I need organization. I crave organization and oh, it
makes my life so much easier.  No more looking
30 minutes for a needed piece of mail. 

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