Sunday, July 29, 2012

{a day of rest}

although not at all planned.

I'm in a forced state of rest thanks to this
pesky sickness.  But, it has been a great
reminder to stop and smell the roses.
If only my stopped up nose could smell.
I am truly feeling better today.  Not as much coughing, throat
is no longer excruciating, and I've been up and
around more today.   I've read a lot {Sally Clarkson}
and caught up on blog reading as well.
I desperately need to be back at it by tomorrow.
I'm hoping!!  I have a great week planned with
no sessions in order to get completely caught up
on all edits {my list looks WONDERFUL}, remaining
orders and deliveries, invoicing, a little get together
here with my Bible study girls, a wedding
Saturday, making sure my
animals are all taken care of {yikes,
will be making a phone call tomorrow}and....
pack for our last hoo-ray of summer.  
One evening of work will be involved but that is it.
I am not even taking a computer, period. 
I will not likely check my phone with the exception of 
the check-ins at home.  Since our last little
excursion was not all that we had hoped for  - as
my work schedule trumped any sort of vacation,
I have big plans of doing pretty much
NOTHING this time around.  It was a definite
learning experience for me.
THIS time, it will be much, much different. 
I'm going to make my boys {all 3} proud.
We need to refresh before the chaotic school year begins. 
This mama needs to soak up these last days
of summer with my little ones. 
And, oh, how I am looking forward to it!!! 
Now, I'm off to turn the sprinkler on the chickens, it's
crazy hot out there...

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