Saturday, July 28, 2012

{a summer malady}

okay, maybe a wee bit dramatic there, BUT,
my head feels as though it will explode off my body, I can't 
breathe, I am aching, I have crazy fatigue simply feels like the flu.

But, it's obviously not, so a nasty summer cold I suppose.
I am victim #3 here at home.  And, it got me within
hours of the first notice of the scratchy throat. 

grrrrr....I am not a happy camper.
Scott is with his dad, so my little guys are "taking
care of me".  Noah just about gave me whiplash
when he brought me a pillow earlier and tried to 
prop it under my head.  

I giggled.

He giggled.

Then I had to readjust because I couldn't breath. 

Not breathing is not a great thing.

I'll see ya on the other side of this! :) 

Hopefully that is sooner, than later. 

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