Friday, July 13, 2012

{a sweet calm}

I have been hard at it this week, just yesterday knocked 4 edits out with
the 5th one close behind.  The list is dwindling.  I have a stack of CD's and
boxes of prints to deliver.  I am one happy girl!  I actually get to enjoy
some time away this weekend.  The boys and I will be listening to
Skillet {maybe} and Tenth Avenue North.  Love concerts with them! Nothing
better than listening to that music under the stars.  Great opportunities
to have great conversations with them.  

No more chicken baths.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll tell you someday. :)  
We'll keep it under wraps for now.  Geez.

The house is semi-clean despite the marathon of work.
The grass is freshly mowed thanks to our neighbor Jeff. 
For the record, I had TRIED to mow it myself but kept having problems
with the mower, so when he fixed it, he also mowed it for me. 
I appreciate it so much since it too had been neglected. 
Actually, I truly enjoy lawn mowing.  It is my "loud" quiet time
I suppose.   Now, weed eating?  THAT is another story.  

Dogs are snoozing. 
Evan is playing Lego's in his room.
Noah is reading in his room.
The television is off.
The laundry is humming, as always.
The air is on.....{constantly} the boys are fighting. 

My stack of new books arrived yesterday.
I thumbed through them and started on one
of the new devotionals.  I have a pretty intense study I plan
on starting when school begins.  Proverbs 31.  Enough said. :)
She is not my most favorite woman in the Bible on most days
I'm just being honest here.

now, the dogs are awake wanting to go out.

The barn has been on a standstill.  I hate those.  But,
since I am not an electrician, I had no choice but to wait until he
finished up his last job.  He will be here next week. 
THEN my walls and floors.  I cannot wait.  I can't even walk
through my office here in the house for the boxes of furniture. 


Not praying for it, just reminding myself!

And, an update on that little framed chalkboard hanging
in my kitchen with our memory verses - LOVE it!  One of the 
very best things I've actually done.  We are loving it and as
a family learning each of them.   Noah told me the key is
staring at it through breakfast, you just can't help but to learn it  
And, we can't put a new one up until each of us can say it easily. 
Poor Scott had a terrible, terrible time with the last one.  That is
when the brain injury rears its ugly head.  But, it didn't
have the last say.  He got it and now the one that is currently hanging

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up."
1 Thess 5:11

I'll get off of here for now as I have duties calling.


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Tonia Hobbs said...

Have fun this weekend! One of those chalkboards is on my to do list!! Talk soon sweet friend!