Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{so far, so good}

Thankfully, a productive day but at a slowed-down pace.
I could get use to this.  Not having sessions this week make
it feel so different around here.  It's very nice for a short while to
just be.  Working, but, no where to rush to.  Nice.

Noah lost a second tooth in two days while eating {gross, I know!}
Evan is as mad as a hornet because he is a very slow tooth loser. 
And, he loves nothing more than visits from the tooth fairy.  Poor guy,
per recent x-rays, he is about TWO YEARS from his top teeth coming in.
We are contemplating having them pulled this summer because the
top two baby teeth have been whittled down to near nothing.  And, they
are not loose.  It will be his decision, and so far, we don't have one.

Dogs are sleeping, boys are snuggled under a blanket watching
a movie and looking at birthday ideas on the laptop for Evan. 
I'm about to go feed and water the chickens in this oh, so humid
weather.  Wow.  The rain was wonderful, but it is soooo drenching
out there today. 

A quick trip by Coop for straw and bedding.  The boys and I will
be busy out there tonight.  Sooooo much barn clean up to do. 
I've let my third set of ferns die.  So sad, I know!  But, some nights it was 
either feed the family or water the dying plants.  I opted to let the plants go.

Lots of mowing to do as I ran over a t-shirt this week and wound
it nice and tight around the blades.  In the meantime, the battery died and
needs recharged.   It will never been finished in one fail swoop.

I've  had some nice quiet time this week.  I've ordered a fresh
stash of books.  I've even gone to bed early some nights. 
I'm trying!  Trying to wrap things up and then soak the remainder
of summer up with these cute boys. :) 

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