Thursday, July 12, 2012

{crazy, crazy day}

as was yesterday.

Seriously, who gives a chicken a bath in their bathtub?
That would be me.  I won't even go into it.

But, today started off with a trip to the ER for a family
member, all is well though thankfully.  It appears to be a cervical disc and
not a heart attack.  As terrible as that is, we will take that any day.

Summer cold + Noah = damper to summer days. 
He is being a trooper though, I do feel sorry for him with
all of his sniffling, sneezing and fatigue. 

Right now, it is "quiet time" and the boys are snuggled {by
mandate} on separate couches {by another mandate} reading.
It really isn't as painful as Evan is carrying on that it is.

Beach again anyone?  This time, I'm excited. Since I have
one computer up and fully functioning.  Well, almost - between the
two new ones and some clients who placed orders freeing up
space on my dying website - I am making some major headway. 
So, so happy!  This time I will NOT be carrying computers
and hard drives to the beach.  I want to be a whale.

And, that is all.

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