Monday, July 9, 2012

{bits & pieces}

I am really making an effort to get back to blogging as I have failed to post so much.
It's a Monday.  I'm looking at my calendar, although the week is giving me a wee
bit of reprieve how in the world is it already July, 9th?????  Shouldn't it just now be like
March 1st?  Oh, my!  These days are flying by!!   I need s.l.o.w.n.e.s.s.

I am working relentlessly on my to-do list.  I want FREEDOM from it very soon.
The boys and I made a  summer fun poster on all of the things we want to do
this summer.  I am fairly positive we will not get it all checked off as we never
do, but we have fun planning and checking what we can.  It adorns the
"reading room" formally known as the "train room."  Oh, Thomas, how we
miss you! ;)  Although we had a sweet little cousin here last week and the
train tracks reappeared.  It was a good excuse anyway. 

SUMMER READING.  It's a very important thing around here.  We made
a quick trip to the library last week.  In fact, at this moment I have
the boys tucked in cozy places reading.  It's just way to hot and humid to
be outside this morning.  Thankful for the rains last night but it is sticky
out there now.  I would love to curl up with a book, but, I'm not to that luxury
just yet.  I have my own summer reading list, although there are
a couple I am needing to order.  I may just do that today. :)

From a wedding I shot last summer, the family gave us a weekend
at Big Cedar Lodge in November; thankfully we finally got my schedule to work
out.  A lodge in November sounds really great right about now.
Something we will definitely look forward to!

For today, I'm working away.  Taking little breaks to
read with Evan, keeping Noah busy and all of the things
that come along with Monday:  laundry, laundry and oh, a little
bit more of laundry. ;)  Happy Monday everyone!

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