Thursday, July 26, 2012

{the studio: in progress}

with a near-end in sight!!!!

All electrical has been strung, the air unit is being
picked up tonight, duct work early next week.
 Then insulation, walls and floors.

I'm so excited.  I thought I would share
some of the things I've acquired for it.  That's the
fun part.  Not the sweeping of the saw dust. 

Here is the look that inspired me for what I want
it to be.  Basically, just the color scheme.

So, below is my actual desk.  A different chair.
I went for comfort.  It is a creamy brocade.

My file cabinet. Because I will be organized again.

Below is a distressed prairie style table I will be using for
packaging & framing.

The above is the rug I purchased for the "gallery room".
The above picture came from ankatreasures.

My studio walls will all be a creamy white with
dark flooring.  The only touches of color will be my
pale turq couch and the above rug for that room.

I will pull other color in with the portraits on the wall.
Lots and lots of huge pictures in the frames I will
be offering.  I have also signed on with a jeweler and 
have some of the most unique pieces - so fun!   

Lots going on. And, although at times I got very
overwhelmed with this, it is absolutely a dream come true.
I feel very, very blessed with a business that I love
{albeit, a little too much at times}.  Very thankful.  

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Jessica S. said...

Sounds so wonderful!!I can't wait to see the finished product!! (I bet you can't either =) lol)