Saturday, July 28, 2012

{around the farm}

I have been on the couch all day long.

Thus, the many posts.

I had to get out and feed the chickens a bit ago
and decided to carry my camera around....

such a pretty time of day.

But, after a total of five minutes, I was
exhausted.  Whatever this is, it's terrible.

The barn is still waiting on the loft door and main barn door.
The black paper got ripped off a bit in the storm earlier this week.
So much clean up to do out there. 

The scraggly, leaning barb wire fence will be coming down
and replaced with a wooden fence leading out to the barn, it will
eventually be stained black. We just can't decide exactly where to
put it.  I think one thing, he thinks another. :) 

Oh, the swing set.  I love seeing it when I drive into the
garage - sweet memories of the boys.  They will still
play out there, but, I know that will soon be coming
to an end.   {sigh}

No second cutting for us this year. As terrible as the
drought has been, we have got just enough rain
of late to revive the grass to the point we haven't had to feed.
We thankfully got a great early, first cut - so we should
be much better this year than we were last. 
Unfortunately, so many others are having to sell their
entire herds as there is no grass to feed and the price of
grain is steadily climbing.  I can't imagine.   

The backyard with our super-fancy swimming pool.
Honestly, the best $400 we have likely ever spent.
The boys have spent countless hours out there and
we just pack it up for winter.  Maybe someday.....

So thankful every time I see that.
And, it smells WONDERFUL!

Speaking of farm life, we are discussing which animal
to possibly add next.  We'll have to wait until after the barn
is finished so we can build new fencing for this possible addition.

Well, two different types of animals actually.

We shall see??

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