Thursday, March 17, 2011

{welcome spring}

I'm not sure what I got accomplished today, if anything.

I did determine that they do not make clothes pins like they used to. Period.
But, I'm sure the 70 mph winds today did not help too much. 
After I finished accomplishing nothing, tonight I planted 70+ strawberry plants with more to go tomorrow. I can now go to the garden and not be stressed. It's actually coming together. Tomorrow I am putting in an fence-panel arch to plant my peas. Classy, I know. But, it was laying there, and it will serve the purpose just fine. So cattle panel arbor it will be. :)

The boys played outside while I was in the garden. Noah had his first big {not really} bike wreck. He is recovering on the couch as I type this. {he's fine, but is in need of a little sympathy} Since I am the QUEEN of bike wrecks {and my legs will tell that story} I have to be intentional about my empathy. I know it hurts so bad, and he actually held up pretty well to it. At least we got the first one behind us. Little man's may be a total wipe out at the rate of speed and all of his little "trick" biking he does. Noah's probably happened because of he tends to be VERY safe.
I can't believe this hasn't happened before now.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!


Tonia Hobbs said...

I feel horrible that I am the cause of Ev's "trick bike" being tricked out!

Shannon said...

ha, Tonia! I had to think about what you meant by that at first! His bike is FINE, I just hope your car is!!! :( That was quite the eventful evening on may levels. :)