Friday, March 18, 2011

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on the range. 

No worries, I'm still talking chicken.

I will not even begin to explain the escapades of today.

Embarrassing really, and I'll leave it at that.

Let me just say that there was an injury to a new chick en route home. 
A leg injury of some sort.   So, I had to isolate her from the 'flock'
or else she would have been beaten up.  Or, worse. Likely the later. 

So, here is one of  Rhode Island Reds - prognosis:  stable with 'room
for improvement." ha!   At least she can  sit and scoot now without
her right leg stiff and stuck out straight in front of her.

 I was thrilled to see her up and not flat on the floor. 

 You can literally tump them back and they immediately fall asleep. 
Wish it worked that well in humans. 

 Isolation. :( But, hopefully she'll  make it.  Not sure at this point with all
of the time I've put in who would be more devasted.
 That little grey one looking up is Small Fry.  The picture does not do her justice.  In fact, most
of the chicks she's with are a week younger than her.  But, she seems to be doing well! 
 Just TINY!! 
 I got two crested ones today.  This one is soooooooooo sweet.   She pretty much posed.

 We are up to 22, I'm still holding out for some Barred Rocks and a White Lace. 
 I need them soon so they will fit into the flock without major problems. 
I'll be back in a week or so to show you how much they have changed!  

ps, the week old babies are flying short distances.  so fun to watch!  

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