Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{late night whispers}

Last night, just before he drifted off, I whispered.......

Me:  "I love you sweet boy".

E:  {VERY sleepy} "I love you too Big Mommy".

Me:  VERY audible gasp!


E:  "Uh, I mean, I love you too middle-aged Mommy."

Me:  "Evan, that's worse."  {very high-pitched, I might add}

E:  "Okay. Okay. Is that bad?"  {real concern}

Me:  "No, Evan, you can call me whatever you want."  {actually very calm, no sarcasm}

E:  "Well, at times like this, should I say, I love you Mommy."

Me:  "Honestly, I'm just happy to be your Mommy.  You can use any adjective you want, it's fine.

E:  "What's an adjective?"

Me:  "I'll explain that later.  Nite sweet boy".

E:  "Nite, pause, little Mommy." 

Me:  "Goodnight sweetest boy!". 

This post probably makes no sense to anyone in this world but me. 

That's okay.

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