Thursday, March 10, 2011

{spring is in the air}

or, at least you can hear it {them} chirping VERY loudly in the garage......

I got some "fancy chickens" today, unexpectedly.  Unfortunately the mail-order
ones were backordered until JUNE.  Apparently backyard chickens are
becoming a very popular thing.  My little chicken coop I bought still sits in its
boxing, we've decided to build a bigger one.  

I want a chicken mansion, Scott does not see the humor in that at all.  He told me that
we are not keeping up with "The Yoders" ha!  I'm going down to her house again in the
morning with camera in hand, I will definitely be snapping a few pics of her chicken mansion.
I kid you not. 

You have never seen anything like it.  Mine will definitely pale in comparison!! 

Tomorrow another shipment of chickens will be coming in, so we will be making another
trek as the type I really want {that lays blue, green and sometimes pink eggs} was not in today.

Maybe tomorrow.

This will be the first {Round 2) of the chicken chronicles here at the farm.

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SheWolf said...

LOVE the "keeping up with the Yoders" comment...that was hilarious!