Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Nothing major which tends to be a GREAT thing around here.

We like boring.  Busy, but with no catastrophes of late. 

Well, I say that and then below happened. 

The hard part of life on the farm.  I took Molly for a quick walk down our lane and saw the cow below in labor.   Hard labor.  So, I went out to the field to watch her for a bit and the other cows and calves kept pestering her so she took off for the woods.  Unfortunately,  the baby suffocated as the bag was not totally off its face.  Always so, so sad. :(   And, even though they are is heartbreaking to watch them when they lose their baby - they are in agony. 

This is how it should be.......

The chicks are doing well.  They are all getting their feathers.  Well, all except Small Fry.  I'm not sure about that chick.  It is the tiniest thing I have ever seen.  I keep preparing E because I'm not sure it's going to make it.  He/She acts fine, but so, so tiny.  I can't imagine the eggs she will have.  Pebbles.

Saying goodnight.

Oh, and we're up to 15 with 9 more to go. I just can't get a hold of the breed that is left on my list.  Maybe tomorrow.......................and, we broke ground on the big coop today.   

SOMEDAY, when the boys read this........I so hope they realize how much
 effort has been put into their little chickens.    I don't want them being attacked. ;)

And, my clothes line is up thanks to my brothers.   

I'm actually getting to cross some things off my long list.  Nothing of real significance though.

Like taxes.

or, bills. 

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Tonia Hobbs said...

A clothes line!!! Coveting. . .