Thursday, March 24, 2011

{back in time}

In every sense of the word.


No phone service {unless we drove into town} and no internet
until the last night.

I don't have enough time to upload the pictures now, but wanted to get
a few thoughts {memories} down before they slipped my brain.

Because right now, I am crying at my desk {not really} because I got
home this morning from Scott's OT to find that about 87 of my 90+,
BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY strawberry plants were attacked, eaten and
ripped from the ground last night while we were sleeping.  The war
is on.  I think I may be sitting out in my car all night with a gun tonight. 

I'm not really kidding. 

**first trip with both of my brothers and family/wife - great time!
**stayed in a wonderful lodge in the middle of nowhere
**four-wheeler and ranger riding along nice and not-so-nice trails
**lodge owner plane fly-bys as we had our hotdog roast and sat by the fire
**a boy named Stonewall
**a dog named Colonel 
**a night cave entry on the property by flashlight.  HELLO bats!
**the white river
**bible study catch-up next to a waterfall
**hiking {snakes are out}
**trout fishing
**one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen:  Blanchard Springs Cavern {a MUST see!!} 
**a lot of history learned
**holding hands with my SIL as we plunged down a trail {unknown to her it was my hand}
**a town square
**food poisoning by many on night #1.
**antique heaven......I thought of TH.    
**laughs, laughs and more laughs.....

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