Friday, March 25, 2011

{the girls}

The flock is complete, I think.

I finally got my Silver Laced Wyandotte's today. 

And, finally a Barred Plymouth Rock.  By accident really.
Thankful for that accident finally.  Today's chicken people did not
know chickens.  
 We have full sized and bantam black silkies.
 And, either gray or blue, not sure yet.

 The sweet Buffs.
 And, the Ameracauna, otherwise known as Easter Eggers -
blue, green and sometimes pink eggs. 
 Rhone Island Reds.

We have some two crested and I'm sure we have some
surprises out there as well.

We have a total of 28.  The big coop is under construction. 
This morning we lost the little one that hurt its foot in transit
last Friday.  I had a little boy who cried his heart out. And,
a mommy who sat and held him tight and choked back the tears.

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