Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have cleaned my office

And, I mean alllllllllllll day long.

It has been in winter hibernation as well and was GROUCHY!

But, it looks great now, thank the Lord! 

I'm about to get very productive in there again.  I'm still
contemplating moving my small "temporary" set up that
now resides in the living room back to the office.
Temporary as in the fact it was only suppose to reside
in the living room for a few weeks, the peak of my fall
season so I wouldn't be totally isolated from the family as I
edited like a mad woman.  Oh, and here we are five+
months later, still in the living room with cables everywhere.

NOT a pretty sight.

As I drank my 3rd cup of coffee {well, not technically as I
had to throw #2 out as I got dust in it} it dawned on me
there are things about me the boys - although they are
around it, likely will not remember.  Or, understand, but that's
another story.  So, I'll jot some thoughts down here. 

Some weird facts really........

1.  I drink coffee from Christmas mugs all year long.  It tastes better. ;)
2.  On that subject, I start listening to Christmas music around July.
3.  I still adore Elvis.  Like REALLY adore although I pretty much keep that in the closet.
4.  I have become ridiculously afraid of flying {I definitely keep that hidden from them} and
not long ago when I shared this in Bible study a new friend shared that she had been
in a house that was HIT BY A PLANE.   That is my exact #2 fear regarding airplanes.
You won't see me at an airshow.  I sooooo hate that about myself!  I've actually tried hypnosis. 
Did NOT work.  I have analyzed myself and think it has to do with the fact I was 
suppose to fly into the East Coast the Saturday after 911.  Major damage.  
5.  I detest cotton candy.
6.  I'm a little accident prone.  HA!  Kidding! ALLLLL  of you knew that, including my boys!   I'll spare you from all the details but will clue you in on the fact I have a son that takes after me. ;) 
7.  I used to love deer.   Don't mention strawberries around me for a few years.
8.  My soul adores old barns.   They have caused more than one near-miss when it comes to crashes because I can't drive past one without ohhhing and ahhhing. 
9.  I hate cell phones.   They think I love them, but my friends know I don't.
10.  Don't take me to the fair, I will throw up on you.  Been there, done that on several occasions.   And Farris Wheels are a death trap in my opinion. 
11.  I sing until the boys ask me not too.
12.  I hate public speaking.  I hyperventilated during a speech in college and almost passed out.   That was AFTER I was on a very active Debate team. 
13.  I ADORE flowers. 
14.  I am overly addicted to beauty products.  And, you would think I would have some major results by the looks of my bathroom counter and drawers.  Sinful really.
15.  I love, love, love simple.  Even though I have a tendency to complicate matters. ;)

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