Saturday, March 5, 2011

{stay tuned}

I have a feeling the boys that came to Noah's BD party last night.....may
never forget it.  For good reasons & not-so-good reasons.

I have LOTS of pictures to blackmail them with through the years.
Senior year was mentioned a time or two.  Or, three.

Tons of laughs, one man down {BLESS HIS HEART}, a houseful
of super-awesome kids that I am VERY proud and
thankful are a part of our life; we adore their parents
just as much. I do think I inhaled one too many fumes
from the massive amount of silly string, but other than
that, I made it through the night unscathed.   And, despite the event
of the night I wish would have just passed right by without stopping, 
I did get one on JC.  And, oh, happy day that little moment was!!
I think he was pretty much cringing.  I'm sure of it.  Definitely
more on that later.  hehehehehehe!

The house is almost back in order.  A few things to dry out still. ;) 
A little man, the birthday man, is sound asleep on the couch and has
been for hours.  Aviator glasses and all.   

I'm still finding silly string in my hair, carpet, shoes, etc. 
Not a lot of leftovers thankfully; these boys have become
big eaters.  :)   At one point about 8 of them were piled
on a couch.  They were on the arms, the backs - completely
squeezed in laughing their little heads off over funny youtube
 videos.   I freeze-framed that moment.  Most of them have
been together since they were around 4, if not before.  Our time is
definitely fleeting with them, but I can't let myself dwell on that; 
I am so looking forward to the years to come with these little guys. 

And, I'm planning my own counter-attack to the silly string fiasco
for next year.  Boys beware!!!! :)    

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