Friday, March 25, 2011


I have actually been trying and been very happy with things I've
ordered.  Well, all except for that crazy joy dishwashing detergent fiasco.  Otherwise,
it has been without any problem.

Recently, I've ordered a CASE of the snack packs of Animal Crackers, they
averaged I think 17 cents a piece.  I've ordered my microdermabrasion kit for a significant
savings in comparison to Walmart {I researched that one out on my own and did the subscribe
& save plan}.  I've ordered cereal, mac and cheese, detergent, and today, several a packs of 20 AA batteries {I go through a ton with my flash} for $8.60 I  believe.  Scott paid $4+ for 4 when we were out on the road the other day for one of Noah's games.   I think it's hit or miss.  And, some of the things I've missed, I've kicked myself over - but, overall you can have huge savings if it's something you use anyway.  Nothing like the doorbell ringing and you have a big box of a stockpile with free shipping and not to mention what I save by NOT going into the store.
Also, a spring cleaning tip from 88.1 I heard yesterday that I am using as I type this and the house smells soooooo good......put a package of plain Koolaide Lemonade into an empty dishwasher and run it - it cleans the dishwasher and makes the house smell.........yummy. ;)

 Very inexpensive too!   

Not sure why this is posting with such big gaps and spacing......
does not look like that when I hit publish??

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