Monday, November 29, 2010


i am so stinkin' excited! and, i could use a little of that of late!

got my BIG early Christmas present. well, it's all i'll be getting from this point on but it had to be done or i couldn't be done.

i'm going to houston this spring to spend time with a photography genius! i could dance right now. {but, i'm waaayyyyy too tired!}

she's a rock star in the photography world. and, her style really speaks to me as i am not even close to her ability, but, our front-end style is similar if that makes any sense at all??

i cannot even believe it! woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!

and, she just emailed me!!!!! j


on a bummer beloved lense that died. then, fired up again. died again. this time for good. new lense ordered. the upgraded version of course because nothing stays the same longer than 6 months in the photography equipment world. very bittersweet. but, that's okay, because i'll just take it to texas with me!!!

nite! edited until 2 this morning and if i don't make myself get away from here, i will not be sitting upright tomorrow. it takes a day to slam me.

rambling i know!'.excited!!!!

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