Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{this & that}

*i'm immensely torn. i struggle with this every single year. mixing the seasons? i sooooo want to decorate for christmas. actually, i've wanted to that since july. maybe, june? but, i want to savor what is left of fall as well. i just need to lighten up! sc's looks so pretty!
*a MIRACLE occurred! my lense. my sweet, sweet lense....started working on it's own again!!! which is somewhat scary actually. but, i am not kidding when i say that i said some prayers over that piece of glass. i was less than thrilled about either a very high repair bill {typically 1/2 of what it takes to buy a new one} or dropping another large amount of money on one. and, it was one i could not live with out. well, i could, but it wouldn' t be easy. so, i am very, very thankful! just wish i had had it on some of my recent sessions. :(
*thinking of changing up the thanksgiving plans bit. well shall see.
*have been in MD offices all day. the ct revealed 3 stones for scott. i'm off to pick up meds and then scurry and get the boys for noah's ortho appt. should i be surprised that the ortho has never seen a child do to his teeth as noah has? you are typically 30 or above. leave it to us. so bite splint and retainer molds today.
*am working like a mad woman. worked until 4:04 am yesterday. but, the end is in sight.
*not that i have a literaly second to spare, looking forward to scooting away for a few hours for holiday market friday. it's my annual with ang...anyone else want to go?
*my house is a wreck.
*just thought i would throw the above in.
*i'm thinking it will be until i get to the end that is "in sight."
*as files resize and upload {which tends to take FOREVER} i've been purging in a big way. the trash pick up was embarrassing this morning.

gotta go!

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