Tuesday, November 23, 2010


after a very long wait in the waiting room {6+ hours} he finally made it back there. The IV with pain meds was started around 1 am. Because SEMMC could not access the CT Scan from Cooper - last night was determined to be a wash out except for the pain meds {which were much needed by that point} and of course, lab to see check in on infection. Bad news, since FS has only 2 Urologists and they service both hospitals, it will likely be a very long day of wait as well. Even more bad news, one of the stones is 1/3 larger than the size of a large cherry. {my estimate is so strange because I forgot what type of fruit Dr. W referenced and I am having to compare it to Scott's tumor}. Not good. I am hope scurrying to get the kids to school, his parents are with him. I am picking up my mom this morning and will simply prepare and deliver the food and head back to the hospital.

I may be calling on some of you to help with the boys after school {SO SORRY} and possibly collect my dishes/crock pot from Mrs. Ewing since they can't stay there until next week. {AGAIN, so sorry} otherwise, besides desperately wanting and needing to be in two places at once, I've got it covered.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your sweet texts last night!!! Will check back in as I can.

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