Monday, November 15, 2010

{weekend respite}

Our weekend for two turned into a weekend for four. Which was perfectly fine and much needed. The recent weeks have been very strained so a very quiet weekend away was great. And, I think we got to enjoy the peak of fall foliage - it was beyond beautiful!!!! And, thankfully it "felt" very much like fall with temperatures in the 30s & 40s. Perfect!

Thankfully, I did pull out the camera. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures of the leaves until just before we made our way back down the mountain Sunday afternoon......I pulled over and snapped a few. The colors were unbelievable.

This is us in the rocking chairs at the front entrance of the lodge. It was a beautiful place to sit and relax with the exception of the fact it was 42 degrees!

I barely caught the sunset from the restaurant.

Of course, E's favorite thing to! His pockets were full, my pockets were full, my car was full.......he is obsessed! At least it isn't an expensive obsession. ha!

A perfect opportunity to talk about the wonders of creation!

Not a happy camper as he was banned from getting too close to the edge.

He spent most of his time in trees of course.

Watching Dad.

So pretty!

We had a really great time doing pretty much nothing! The boys were so happy to be able to go. I tried to push aside my panicked thoughts of all I had to do at home. I made myself "unplug" and did NOT drag a computer with me. We played lots of board games, ate way too much junk food, slept in, and watched a ton of movies snuggled up together. A very simple, but MUCH needed weekend. So happy I didn't reschedule! I think it gave me the reboot I needed to get through the next couple of weeks work-wise. The lodge is such a beautiful place and close enough to get away easily. Great memories!

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Stacy Carter said...

Love all the pics! So glad you guys went!