Friday, November 19, 2010

{blissful thinking}

it's a constant struggle right now.

this time of year makes it that way for me.

i am literally "craving" domestic activities from decorating, to purging/organizing, cooking yummy comfort foods, reading multitudes of big books {as evan would say}, snuggling in winter pj's {even the ones that noah destests. the ones with the moose on them.}, listening to loads of christmas music, burning candles like there's no tomorrow, watching movies, folding warm laundry {yes, that is true!} but, typically i only want to do that for about a week or two. the laundry that is.

but, not yet as this computer is still beckoning me loudly.

i may, however, slip in a break or two this weekend.

happy weekend everyone!

ps...thanks for all the texts/emails/messages re: scott and evan. evan is doing well with no further complaints. fingers crossed there. poor is hard to watch is like the never-ending labor. i feel so bad for him!! he's being a trooper though. not sure we'll make it through this night without a trip to the er. my poor mom could not take it today and actually laid hands on him to pray. very sweet.

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