Saturday, November 20, 2010

{in this moment}

noah and evan are playing behind me in evan's room. there is a heavy discussion occurring. but, in a good way surprisingly. noah is in charge, of course, and evan is actually not bucking it for a change. tonight they are spying while inventing. quite the multitaskers i must say! thier sweet and calm convesation to each other is music to my ears. we had moments today that i could not say that. just being truthful.

razorbacks are playing on espn in front of me. i've been watching and editing away. the boys are so not interested.

scott is sleeping in the bedroom for the first time today. he did not get off the couch. this has been beyond grueling for me to even watch, i can't imagine being him. he is now running a temperature, which i am sure is not good. by the time it hit and i phoned his md, the office had closed. his parents will likely have to be called in tomorrow to convince him to go back. he doesn't usually tell his dad no.

we had orange rolls and milk for breakfast as i loaded and played our first christmas music. it was yummy all the way around.

we had cinnamon rolls for supper. am i seeing a pattern here? i know that i won't be able to wear anything with a pattern if i don't nix that those meal choices quite quickly.

molly is snoring for the night. sweet girl.

we finally got our wood delivered today. so ready for that first fire. but, before that, i'm ready for the weather that will not dip down into the 30's at night and be in the 70's by early afternoon.

remember me mentioning feeling the desire to be very domestic right now. i'm not milking our cows yet, but i came close. i pulled out my bread machine this morning. and, it would have been really nice to have actually been able to make a loaf of bread as we are honestly out. we are out of just about everything staple wise at this point {have to break away to go pick up some groceries tomorrow} BUT, i was unable to find the kneader contraption. order made.

i'm reallllly tired right now. will edit a bit longer if this computer cooperates. and, then i'm off to bed.

briefly speaking of work. i found a TO.DIE.FOR location for a bridal shoot. i chose my bride today as this one will be on me. she is breathtaking {and so sweet!}. her dress is like nothing i have ever seen. it is perfect. the site, it looks like an abandoned, crumbly castle. i have big visions. i'm not so sure she will see it as i do. but, i think she'll be pleasantly surprised when she sees the final images. road trip will ensue in the spring.


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