Friday, November 19, 2010


at this moment, noah is playing his psp snuggled up on the couch.

evan is curled up in my chair. he gravitates to it. he is watching hannah montana. i know, i know.

scott is sleeping soundly on the couch. thank you God.

it is friday. yippee. we will likely all wake up together in the morning {well, all but scott, i'm thinking he will not be moving from the couch} without the aid of an annoying alarm clock.

the boys did exceptionally well this morning {mornings are always a hurdle around here} as i had to get out the door early.

i got scolded by noah for being late at pick-up today. he hates that. evan asks me to be late so he can sit with the 5th grade girls as long as possible. evan is getting the benefit as i seem to be perpetually late, of late.

the boys are eating a supper of breakfast foods. i'm staying away as bacon is involved.

i have just washed a quilt {a christmas one, i might add} to snuggle up in tonight as we watch 'a christmas carol". so getting ready for the big production on december 5th by our church. i'm thinking it is going to be beyond wonderful. have i mentioned that i had to scurry to find two more tickets as i gave away two tickets i had already given away after purchasing a bundle of them. i almost had to sit out.

amazingly encouraging text received today.

oh, and i am utterly falling in love with quilts. i've never been a quilt kind-of- girl, i've been more of the in love with anything filled with down type. although i have one that i will always treasure above any other thanks to a wedding gift from my mamaw. and, besides that one, i have no other of any quality. since this will be my big year; yes, the 40th come august {gasp!} i will now qualify for an amazing work of art that i can wrap myself in from my quilt-making, award-winning {seriously, she takes down the 80-year-old quilters}, dentist of a sister-in-law. i have visions. can't wait to pick out the fabric.

nite eveyone! going to get away from this computer for a bit.

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