Friday, June 3, 2011


*that would be the perfect adjective for this brain of mine right about now. 
*in the words of a wise principal today.....

"i think i can, i think i can, i think i can....
...........almost there!!!!!!!!!!"

*so proud of the boys for their academic achievements all year long.  I suppose
I was wrong about the combination of E + Kindergarten.  It went better than
I could have ever imagined in every way.  Very, very thankful.

*and, always proud of N.  I am just very curious what could happen if this
little guy would ever decide to apply himself.  I worry that the ease that comes
along with him could be a detriment.  We've been discussing this a lot lately.

*the last two to three weeks have been on a high-speed, overload.  I was 
up and at 'em at 2:20 this morning.  I opted to not travel up the hill tonight, but
instead hit the road to Joplin in the morning at 6 am.  Friend in tow.... thank God! 

*praying for a sweet, sweet friend.  love, love her heart.  her family.  and,
all that she exudes..............

*the back is still far from 100%.  cancelled all of my sessions this week in hopes
to be recovered for the wedding tomorrow.  praying that tomorrow goes well and
that i can actually move like i should without my concentration being on my back
well, pain actually.  so incredibly  frustrating!   

*thinks the world is spinning in a horridly, crazy way.  right? wrong? black?
white?  i will NEVER claim to be perfect by any stretch.  i sin on a daily
basis.  but, i am not a shades of gray person i suppose. 

*is anyone else ready for summer?  i am dreaming of the beach.  not in the
plans this year at all.  hoping we'll be in the hospital.  now, who would ever
wish for that???  that would be me..................i'm praying.  praying while
i dream of a beach.  cannot help it!  He shouldn't have made it so perfect. ;)

*summer........lots of simple plans.  simple, simple, simple. 

* am putting my to-do list on birth control.  it will not stop multiplying.

*boys: cannot wait to have them all to myself again! LOVE
having them home with me

*scott:  rough, rough week. :(

*garden: growing.

*chickens: sweet.  

*molly:  tolerating all of us.

*now, to sit outside and watch the boys swim while i pack
the car for my weekend road trip. 

*oh, and coffee....

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