Sunday, June 26, 2011

{my heart could burst}

the answer to my prayer....a prayer i had prayed for years.....
was abundantly more than i could have ever imagined.

i stress in the teacher department.
in a big way.

i know they can literally make or break a year. 
i would have likely picked someone else going in as
i did not know her.  and, what a blessing evan {well,
scott & i was well} would have missed out if i had
dabbled in that water.  such a fantastic year
on so many levels. and, i think he was good for her too. 

leading up to the end of school he cried and cried
about not getting to see her every day.  he didn't want that
change.  he still talks about her almost daily - very few
days have passed that he has not.   he is keeping
up with his summer reading because he told her he would.
{he is not a lover of books on his own yet}
Last night he crawled into bed with
us sobbing because he missed her so much. 

he received this in the mail last week.
he has it in a special place in the living room and
reads it daily.   tonight he wanted to call her,
i opted to text - since she is on summer break.

he dictated, i typed his word for word.....

"Ms. Ewing, this is Evan.  My mommie is typing this for me.
I love you.  Are you having a good time in the capital of Boston? 
{oops!}.  How is your mom doing?  I miss you.  Thank you for being
my teacher.  I loved the card!  I "understanded" it.  And, I loved it.
Thanks for the card.  It was great.  That's all.  Evan Walker."

heart melted.  

We received the following:
"Love you 2.  Will call in a few minutes 2 talk. K?"

And, they chatted and chatted.  
He was such a big boy!  He absolutely loves her.

What a great year he had!  So thankful!

now, to send my letter this year or not?  this year
i am not as hesitant to as i was last year.  likely
should have already done it.  so, we shall see! 


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Love this! So precious!