Friday, June 17, 2011


*waking up with a headful of sunscreen scented hair in my face
*despite the fact that I argued all night that ghosts were not in 
his closet like his brother told him when he was three, waking up
next to that sunscreen scented little body.  i inhaled him. 
*surprise breakfast of donuts and milk. {not for me unfortunately}
*my roosters crowing {i know that sounds so strange, but you should hear them!}
*my sweet dog as she lays at my feet as i have been working at my desk all morning
*noticing the fighting between my boys of summer may be settling down
just a bit....they may be acclimating a little early this year
*laundry in the washer and dryer
*carrots for breakfast. yes, i actually just typed that.  remember that
swimsuit i mentioned earlier?
*a quiet house for the moment. 
*looking at many blank days on my july calendar.  i am plotting.
think i want to take a road trip to see family.  missing them so much. :(  
*oh, and definitely that phone call received earlier.

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