Sunday, June 19, 2011


A couple things just today: 

*as explained evan has been banned from the cucumber patch.  after church
about as quickly as he remembered that we would "harvest" today.....

"hey, mommy we need to go pick the cucumbers!  oh!!!!! today is the
day we cannibal them!"   well, i guess you could say that????  i reminded
him we could be "canning" them.   "oh, yeah."

then, he was begging to go outside.  it's just a bit after three and about
three hundred degrees out there.  so, i told him he would have to wait
until later so it could cool down.  he decided to go "check" and came back
to report it was still  "just a little bit, maybe an inch, over hot". 

I'm just not sure about the child. :)

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