Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{sad day on the farm}

Hay season is typically not without casualties.   Unfortunately, the fields are quiet and
undisturbed for months leading up to cutting.  Thus, a safe place for deer, turkey and
other animals to have, hide and raise their babies.   This year, two turkeys were killed
{on their nests} and right in front of our house, a turkey had made a nest near a
tree.  We can literally see it from our front door.  But, because she was spooked
so bad, we determined last night that she fled and abandoned; which is pretty common.

We feel terrible, but, it's one of the ugly sides to living on a farm.  Not all days
are filled with sweet baby calves, chicks and a peaceful setting. 


Jennifer said...

Is it too late to put them in an incubator? That would be fun!

Shannon said...

Jen - it was by the time we determined she had fled. :(