Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{the need to breath....}

the scheduled girl time {well, actually a play date for the kids }, could not be coming at
a better time. do i have time to get away from my desk?  no.  do i need to get away
from my desk in the biggest way ever?  yes.  or, my computer may be tossed out the
window.  and, because i need my computer in a desperate way, even though i do
not like it very much right now, i just need to walk away.  go see my sweet girlfriends,
watch the kids that i adore play, eat lots of junk food and chat.  

then, even though my desk will be screaming at me when i walk in the door, 
i will likely be able to tolerate it just a little easier.  and, we both may survive.


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